Bad romance

Surrounded by young mens,

Hot blood rush

Sense of longing still crush

All these appealing faces and i remember u

The unstructured jaw bone, the imperfect view

that Immense pleasure i felt

Is where i still dwell

I just want to finish what had started

Oh it’s making my heart ache

I am not falling in love with u

I am not striving something new

Just a Vivid imagination of u and me

Thriving for eachother not caring about anybody

Like a hungry lioness i grawl

Like a deer be my slave

As always

Make me ur queen

Just for once

Until i am over flooded

To forget u

Once and for all…

There’s a poet in you..

the way you whisper in my ear,

And how i get goosebumps is a poem..

The way you tickle my feelings,

And how i melt in you is a poem..

You do you,

And everything u do is a poem.

To the unloved love

I never said i love you

U always knew i do

I was always teasing your heart

Making u fly and then crash apart

U never knew whats going on my mind

But u were confident our love’s gonna shine

Sorry my beloved, it was just for a time

Until i ghosted you, yet another crime!

I let u down , so down u couldn’t come up

And my darling u never gave up

there is nothing left to say

It was never love , it was a foul play

U were a game i played

I played so well i slayed

But i did not win my boy

It was a while of a joy

It all comes with a heavy guilt

The false empire i built

Is drowning

I am frowning

Your love wins, i lose.

It is a well-known fact that everything around us has energy including the smallest atom of a particle. This pure energy comes from a divine source. Every creation is a result of manifestation. As a physical body, we perceive a certain range of frequency and vibration that our normal sense…

Spiritual Meaning

If you have reached this article, then it’s not a mere coincidence, you are on the right path to spiritual growth, and the stars are aligned in your favor. You are in sync with the universe. Stay balanced and spiritually aware and you will continue to move forward on this…


The world is experiencing a higher shift in consciousness. People are starting to wake up from the 3rd dimension to the 5th-dimensional consciousness also known as unity consciousness. The “I” in the 5th dimension is not an ego-self but it is a unity, it refers to everything. Love, harmony, tranquility…

There are many theories on why people cheat in a relationship. Lets breakdown the theory in simple way.

Don’t ever think that you got cheated because you have flaws or you couldn’t satisfy their needs. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU EVER! ITS ABOUT THEM.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. They are…

The pouring rain,

It’s a boon, it’s a bane

The flood knocks or the drought goes,

It’s all nature’s plan


But I am happy to feel the rain,

Controlling the rain is not in my hand

Why stress over what it might bring

When I can sit by the window & glance

The pouring rain


The cold breeze caressing my skin,

Make me go away from yellow to pink

Blushing blushing the little princess,

Feeling the breeze every inches


I run outside, and sail my paper boat,

Nostalgic memories & innocence floats

I feel happy, dripple & drizzle

I don’t want it to go away

But I let it go away,

To another land

Where another man can be happy

To see the rain !!

Twin Flame is the rarest form of connection that only a few people encounter. It differs from other soulmates & karmic connections. A twin flame in simple words is the mirror. They are the two halves of the same soul. It’s said that before we were born our soul is…


There is a lot of information circulating about Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). With so much news/rumors and posts circulating over the web, it has now become a must to understand what’s true and what’s fake.

1. COVID-19 cannot survive in hot climate.

People are eagerly waiting for summer to arrive thinking that Corona will go away. They think that the COVID-19 virus will vanish once the temperature increases. But to bust out the fact, it’s not true. …

Pratistha Acharya

Clairvoyant. Cogitative. Cryptic

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