It is a well-known fact that everything around us has energy including the smallest atom of a particle. This pure energy comes from a divine source. Every creation is a result of manifestation. As a physical body, we perceive a certain range of frequency and vibration that our normal sense allows us to. There are many frequencies that we cannot catch but it does exist. A simple example is when we blow on a dog whistle, we are not able to hear it, but the vibration and sound are real because the dog reacts to it. But things are changing, people are starting to wake up and evolve spiritually into the next dimension.

During this process, our normal senses also evolve and we start catching frequencies and vibrations that cannot be perceived by normal people. If you are reading this article, it’s likely that you have been going through a major shift in the energies and you are vibrating at a higher rate. You start receiving clear signs from the universe. Whatever you put your energy in, it gets manifested. It is not a sign to panic, in fact, it is a natural ongoing process of the universe where your psychic and healing abilities heighten. When your vibration is at the higher level it opens the pathway to different levels of consciousness. This higher consciousness symptoms last for about 5 years or more. After you go through these symptoms, it is in your hand at which level you take this understanding. Your mind, spirit, and body is aligned.

  • The feeling of not being from this dimension can be seen. As this is a third-dimensional reality and people are materialistic and selfish you start feeling alienated. Other people’s perceptions and ways of doing things do not resonate with you.
  • You think that everything around you is connected. The whole universe is nothing but connected divine energy. Whatever thoughts and energy we are giving come back to us.
  • You are more compassionate empathic and vulnerable. You start taking a decision based on your feeling. You advance from me, myself, and I to we, ourselves, and us.
  • You enjoy being alone in nature, that’s where you recharge.
  • Some people have out of body experience that separates them from their physical consciousness due to higher vibrations. Most of the times the intensity of vibrations lessens quickly after the separation of the body.
  • You realize that the physical body is just a vehicle and there is more beyond that. You start seeking answers to the meaning of life.
  • Your senses are in high vibration and more active than before. You start hearing sounds like buzzing, humming, roaring, and even electrical sounds. This is because you are catching frequencies from another dimension.
  • You start having unusual sensations of tingling and goosebumps in your hand and legs. This is because of the energy rush in your body.
  • Experiencing paranormal activities like hearing someone call your name, laughing, or singing when no one is around. You can see supernatural beings passing around you while others can’t.
  • Some people experience sleep paralysis which lasts for months to years. It feels like someone is watching you while you sleep or trying to attack or kill you. Some people hear robot voices or just humming when in sleep.
  • The energy variations in the body results in the feeling of sinking, expansion, rapid body shaking, contracting.
  • Your food choices changes. You realize that whatever you eat results in the positive and negative energy in your body. So you stop harming creatures and incline yourself to eat vegetarian foods. This feeling comes from deep within.
  • You may feel like you are levitating, and your body is as light as cotton. This intense feeling of weightlessness comes and goes.
  • Internally you start feeling like you are spinning around in a deep hole, feeling the surge of energy going through your body.
  • Your sense of smell becomes strong. You can smell people and things from a distance.
  • You feel your energy is draining when you are around people that give out negative vibrations.
  • You enjoy solitude. You hang around people with the same energy that you have and start listening more than speaking.
  • Your ego-self starts to fade as you are changing into a higher version of yourself.
  • Your psychic abilities start to flourish, your aura starts to change
  • You are more inclined towards the theory of the universe. You start discovering your life purpose.
  • You realize that life and death are a part of the transition. Death is not the end and you are not afraid of it.
  • You seek deeper meaning in relationships. Love and compassion are higher than your ego.
  • You start seeing synchronic number patterns as you are in tune with the universal vibrations.
  • Sometimes you get the feeling that your arms and legs are lifting up while you are sleeping and you cannot control it.

Higher consciousness symptoms vary from people to people. It is mostly your own inner voice and intuition that will guide you to evolve spiritually. But if you are having intense symptoms just remember that nothing lasts forever. Everything that is happening with you is to upgrade you to a higher level. Remain calm in this situation and reflect on yourself, you will find many hidden answers.

You are experiencing a shift in your energy level so relax and enjoy every bit of it. Practicing meditation is of great help. When you calm your mind, the divine force inside you starts to speak to you and answer all your questions. Be positive and spread positivity. Let go of anything that is troubling you, as it does not serve you. Tell the universe that you accept what is going in your body, allow it, and welcome it as it is expanding your horizon. Let it all in and stay grounded. A slight shift in your thought pattern can affect the vibration of your body so take care of your thoughts.

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